David J. Horn (born 2 June 1970) is an American novelist living in Greece working as a software engineer.

In August 2007 he published his first novel, The Unsolvable Circus, a novel so subversive that it rebels against the end; a comedy of errors that features a menagerie of bizarre and hapless characters: octogenarian kidnappers, secret agents, a computer language called COD, a witchdoctor, the classified protocol NO-T4U-2C, the Scatological Encryption Algorithm and a prostitute with a mustache that Rollie Fingers would be proud of.

Since August 2007 he has been writing short stories and working on his second novel, Hard Labor, which is a fractured look at the anti-hero Jamie Dropping’s life and demise. It is a novel that mythologizes Jamie’s labors as he tries his best to fit in and not be given too much unnecessary attention. It is the second novel of David’s Unsolvable period. Hard Labor was published in January 2013.

David also translated Apostolos Mavrothalassitis’ novel, The Friend from Mexico into English. The Friend from Mexico was published in November 2012.

He is the father of three sons: Andreas, Pavlos and Dimitris. He has been in love with his wife Patricia ever since he first saw her.

The Unsolvable Years

The Unsolvable Circus

Released in August of 2007, The Unsolvable Circus is David Horn's debut novel.

A kidnapping gone wrong!?!

A twisted plot to turn war into a reality TV show ?!?

A man gets hired to work on a project named DEJECTUS and finds his career in the toilet?!!

This 188 page dynamo hums along like a 1978 Blue Dodge Eris with a full tank of gas and a radio that only picks up the sound of meditating monks. So, come along for a ride and witness a kidnapping deconstruct, a twisted plot to turn war into a reality style TV program and a typical day at a company with the ill-advised name Object Oriented Payment Solutions, Inc. (or OOPS, Inc. for short).

The Unsolvable Circus - a comedy about failure, confusion, lies, gross incompetence and love.

Hard Labor

Then Mick Schmuck continued, “My father always told me that Adam was a deadbeat. He laid around in Eden eating fruit and having sex with Eve. He was a real freeloader. One day, God had enough so he told Adam to go get a job. He kicked him out of Eden and sentenced him to a life of hard labor...”

Jamie rolled his eyes and continued doodling.

“...but God gave Eve the real kick in the crotch. She would hurt like hell whenever she gave birth. Wham! Right in the kisser. Even giving birth would become a labor.” There was a pause. Mick Schmuck was pondering thoughts he had never thought before. “Maybe God had been kicked out of some godly paradise by a bunch of other god's because he broke some stupid rule. Maybe God was sentenced to a life of labor just like he sentenced Adam to a life of labor? Maybe the universe is one big crappy punishment...”

From the The Job Interview

Praise for The Unsolvable Circus

"...I look forward to future works from this talented author." Adie Bishop, author.

"It has been a while since I last read a book which made me laugh as much as this one. Bizarre stories told in an entertaining and gripping manner make it difficult to put the book down even for a short break and when the end finally comes you wish for more." Marios Yiannakou.

"This is a very entertaining book that pulled a few good laughs out of me. Kind of like a Sunday movie with Danny de Vito." A. A. Alvarez, author.

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